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Meet 'Annabelle: Creation' Star Talitha Bateman with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Talitha Bateman is the young star of the new horror movie Annabelle: Creation and we caught up with her to learn more about her!

The 15-year-old actress plays the role of Janice, a young orphan who gets possessed by the soul living in the doll Annabelle. Read her 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. If I wasn’t acting I would probably want to be a photographer. I have a Polaroid camera, which I take everywhere with me, snapping photos throughout the day. My favorite pictures that I take, I put up on my bedroom wall.
  • 2. I like to collect trinkets. I usually look for one when I’m having a good day, so I can have something that will remind me of that time. Sometimes I’ll just find a piece of metal that looks cool and add that to my collection.
  • 3. I need the cold air of a fan blowing on my face, or else I won’t be able to fall asleep. So when I travel for my career, I take a mini portable fan with me so I can sleep.
  • 4. If black was a color it would be my favorite, but since it isn’t, my favorite color is dark purple, like a chaotic purple.
  • 5. My favorite fruits are, mangos, watermelon, blueberries and green grapes. Not in that order.

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Meet 'Detroit' Actor Malcolm David Kelley with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Malcolm David Kelley is starring in the ensemble cast of the new Kathryn Bigelow movie Detroit and we met up with him to learn some things you might not know about him!

The 25-year-old actor is best known for playing Walt Lloyd on the hit series Lost and he’s also one half of the pop duo MKTO.

Here is what Malcolm shared with us:

  • 1. The first movie I did was directed by Denzel Washington.
  • 2. I wrote my first song at age 15 on Garage Band and recorded it myself.
  • 3. My perfect meal is my mom’s enchiladas or almost anything from Maestros Steak House.
  • 4. When I travel the three things I need are my headphones, my mobile studio, and my hats.
  • 5. My hobbies are playing basketball, hanging with my friends and making music. I love it dearly. Keep an eye out…

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AJR Spill On Their New Album, Favorite Artists & What's Next (Exclusive)

AJR is a band on the rise following the release of their sophomore album The Click!

The group – comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met – have been playing music together since they were kids.

Just Jared exclusively sat down with the group while they celebrated their new album at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

The band opened up about life on the road, their favorite musicians and what’s coming next. Here’s what AJR had to say:

Give us the scoop on the new album:

Adam: “We worked on this album for two years because we had a very specific intention behind the album. We wanted to write about real issues in a way people hadn’t thought about. So each of the songs has a kind of ‘I can relate to that but I hadn’t really thought about it in that way’ moment. Like there are so many songs on the radio about being strong and confident but our single ‘Weak’ takes a different approach, saying, ‘We’re weak and what’s wrong with that?’”

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Sharknado 5's Cassie Scerbo Shares 10 Fun Facts About Her! (Exclusive)

Cassie Scerbo is reprising her role as Nova Clarke in the upcoming TV movie Sharknado 5, which is premiering this weekend on Syfy.

We caught up with the 27-year-old actress, also known for her role in Make It or Break It, to learn some fun facts you might not know about her. Check it out:

  • 1. I’ve been boxing for 10 years.
  • 2. I’ve skydived four times.
  • 3. I love to cook and often host dinners for friends.
  • 4. I love to sing and was in a girl group signed to Geffen Records when I was a teenager.
  • 5. I played soccer for 10 years and had to quit to pursuit my acting career.

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Meet 'Power' Actor J.R. Ramirez with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Starz is currently airing the fourth season of its hit series Power and we caught up with one of the show’s stars, J.R. Ramirez, to learn more about him!

Here are the 10 Fun Facts that J.R. shared exclusively with us:

  • 1. I was born in Cuba and my family and I moved to the States when I was three months old.
  • 2. I’m an only child.
  • 3. I grew up in Tampa, Florida.
  • 4. I have a two-year-old Schnauzer mix that I adopted in Los Angeles named Freddy. He is my best friend.
  • 5. I worked as a waiter/bartender at almost every restaurant L.A. has to offer. Every time I’d apply to a new restaurant, I’d book an acting gig or national commercial so I almost never made it past training.

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Gerard Butler Is the Ultimate 'Family Man' in Exclusive Movie Clip!

Gerard Butler is playing a dad in the upcoming movie A Family Man and he shows off his fatherly instincts in this new clip from the film, provided exclusively to

In the scene, the 47-year-old actor wakes up his on-screen son and then goes for a jog with him.

Here’s the movie’s synopsis: Dane Jensen (Butler) is a hard-driven Chicago-based headhunter, working at a cut-throat job placement firm. When Dane’s boss (Willem Dafoe) announces his retirement, he pits Dane against Lynn Vogel (Alison Brie), Dane’s equally driven, but polar opposite rival at the firm, in a battle for control of the company. As Dane gears up for the professional battle of his life, he learns his 10-year-old son, Ryan (Max Jenkins), is diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, Dane is pulled between achieving his professional dream and spending time with his wife (Gretchen Mol) and Ryan, who need him now more than ever.

A Family Man will hit theaters on July 28!

Gerard Butler – “Family Man” Clip
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ROZES: 'Canyons' Official Lyric Video - Exclusive JJ Premiere!

ROZES is back at it again with a brand new song called “Canyons,” and you can have your exclusive first listen via right now!

The track is the latest single from the talented 24-year-old singer-songwriter, who’s best known for her 2015 hit collaboration, “Roses“, with hit-makers The Chainsmokers.

“This song is about learning that you can disagree with the people you love and still be compatible,” ROZES told JustJared in a statement. “A healthy relationship of any sort is being able to have your own opinions and maintaining your own identity while still living in harmony with each other.”

Canyons” will be made available to stream on Spotify and purchase and all digital platforms on Friday (July 14)!

ROZES: ‘Canyons’ Official Lyric Video [JJ Premiere]