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'Outlander' Stars Rally to Keep Show On Cable for NY/NJ Customers

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are lending their voices to try and keep Starz, the channel that airs their hit show Outlander, from being removed by cable company Optimum in New York and New Jersey.

Producers Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore posted messages on their Twitter accounts for how fans can help keep the show on the air.

“Hey NJ/NY #Outlander fans. Optimum is dropping Outlander 😞Do your part in stopping @Optimum from taking Outlander off the air. Visit Make your voice heard. Call 844-71-STARZ and go to #KeepSTARZ,” Maril wrote.

Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire, and Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, both tweeted out their support to keep Starz on Optimum.

Outlander's Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Send Fans a Christmas Message! (Video)

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe took a break from filming Outlander season four recently to film a special holiday message to their fans!

The message was released on Christmas Day (December 25) on the Outlander social media pages.

“We just want to wish you a very happy holidays. We hope you have a great break and have enjoyed season three. We’re going to get back to working really hard on season four. So have a happy holiday!” the co-stars say together in the video.

At the end of the clip, Sam and Caitriona get ready to burst open champagne bottles!

Sam Heughan Congratulates Caitriona Balfe on 'Outlander' Golden Globe Nomination!

Caitriona Balfe was nominated for a 2018 Golden Globe for her work as Claire on Outlander this season!

Her co-star Sam Heughan took to Twitter to recognize his co-star’s amazing work that season by offering a congratulations message!

“Congratulations @caitrionambalfe yazzzzz!!! @goldenglobes” Sam tweeted, with some celebratory emojis. We can’t wait to see Sam and Caitriona on the red carpet at the big event.

Meanwhile, Sam and the show were both snubbed for nominations this year. See our full list of snubs if you missed it.

The season three finale of Outlander just aired last night – and we’re already going through withdrawal!

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Outlander's EP Praises Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, & the Fans Ahead of Season Finale!

Outlander‘s season three finale airs tonight on Starz, and writer/executive producer Matthew B. Roberts‏ took a minute to praise the stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, the cast and crew, as well as the fans, on his Twitter account.

“To all the cast, crew, & designers (UK & SA) who brought their amazing talents to S3 of #Outlander You are #thebestever Thank You!…Amazing work all season by the talented @caitrionambalfe and @SamHeughan β€” bringing Claire and Jamie to life #simplythebest #outlander,” Matthew tweeted, to which Caitriona responded, “Right back at you Matt !!!!”

Matthew also wrote, “And A BIG THANK YOU #Outlander Fans for your passion and making S3 our highest-rated ever.”

Tune into “Eye of the Storm” on Starz tonight!

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15 Gifts 'Outlander' Fans Will Love This Holiday Season!

It’s officially the holiday season and one of the hottest shows on television right now is Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe‘s Outlander.

There are some really great gifts for Outlander fans out there and we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best.

Outlander is currently in the middle of its third season with a fourth being filmed. The series airs every Sunday night on Starz and you can catch up On Demand. We highly suggest you watch the series – it’s amazing!

Click through the slideshow to see the best gifts to get an Outlander fan this holiday season…

Caitriona Balfe's Life on 'Outlander' May Have Gotten Easier Due to This Fan's Advice!

Caitriona Balfe has starred as Claire on Outlander since the show kicked off back in 2014 – and during her time on the show, she’s worn so many period costumes that fans have speculated must be hard to wear!

“As someone who wears one more than modern clothes these days I say … Yes they are [terribly uncomfortable]!!!,” Caitriona told a fan on Twitter. “You can’t lie down … or lean back in your chair and taking a trip to the ladies room is a feat !!!!! Burning it was bliss !!! #downwiththebumroll #corsetcangotoo”

Well, another fan responded to Caitriona‘s tweet talking about how going to the bathroom in her costumes can be a chore, and gave her some insight. “I heard ladies used to straddle facing the wall when using the commode, hope that helps ;),” the fan wrote, to which Caitriona responded, “Actually 4 years in and I’ve never heard that before but you might have just changed my life. Hahaha.”

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caitriona balfe outfits outlander 02
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Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe React to X-Rated 'Outlander' Subtitle Mishap!

Outlander fans in Brazil were witness to a big mishap when subtitles for the show turned the dialogue X-rated!

“BrazilIan #Outlander fans were red-faced when local TV network translated EP.308 using a PORNO πŸ™ŠThis caption reads: β€œYour **** is so bigβ€πŸ™ˆ,” one vlogger wrote about a moment in the latest episode.

Stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan both tweeted about the incident!

“Read through Two – New Block starts manyana…. hopefully without Brazilian subtitles,” Caitriona tweeted out to her fans about the new block of episodes.

Sam wrote, “Not sure what Gabs had in mind… any truth to these vicious rumours @Writer_DG ??? ;)”